Chicks On the Run

Chicks Looking for a Good Home

Today is Technique Tuesday over at the Benartex blog - Sew in Love with Fabric. I am sharing what I did with Chicks on the Run by Cheryl Haynes. Take a look at my pics and then head on over to see what I did.

Well, the title is intriguing, is it not? Why are these chicks on the run? Running from who, the Big Bad Rooster? Or the fox in the hen house? Or are they just liberated chickens? I wanted to know!

I saw the panel and knew I had to have it. There's so much you can do with a panel (other than treating it like one piece of fabric (yawn). A panel says to me: cut me up, cut me up!

Chicks on the Run panel
Can we see some of the fabrics, at least? Oh, OK . . .

Take a look at these fun prints!
 And, yes, I did cut them up. What else do you think you're supposed to do?!!

Various sized strips for use with those panels
Take a visit to the Sew in Love with Fabric blog today (Benartex) and find out what I did with this panel. Just a hint: I cut it up, yes, I did!


  1. Nice!

    How long have you been quilting?

  2. Hello Debby! I apologize for being far behind on my commenting, just some personal items came up. I did however read your brilliant tutorial on using a Fabric Panel for something besides a Panel. On top of using the most adorable fun and bright happy fabric you added to that by creating more delight! I so totally understand why you held the incredible jobs that you did in your continuing career of Quilting. With not having that active creative mind, I do not believe I would ever come up with cutting up the panel and creating houses. I have about 10 Thanksgiving Panels that a dear friend gave me and aside from making Table Toppers and Wall Hangings, I just was not sure what to do with them, they are actually very pretty pieces of scenery placed in a variety of sizes. Now, I will have you to Thank when my friend and I go to actually make complete Quilts along with the other projects also. Thank You so much Debby for sharing your gifts and enthusiasm! Have a fantastic day!


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