Free Pattern Friday: Pecking Order

This really is a fowl week! Third post about birds. First the owls, then the chickens, now these feathered friends. Hope you aren't thinking about that Alfred Hitchcock film about the BIRDS!

I love this quilt. I had originally designed it using some fabrics by Windham (Collage). I pitched it to Modern Patchwork Magazine. Nope; didn't want it. McCall's. Nope. I hoped SOMEONE would think this was cute. Do you?

I call it Pecking Order. Can you see the lowly birds on the ground and the big Kahoona bird on the birdhouse. King of the roost, huh?

Original Pecking Order Quilt
Then Red Rooster (a division of P & B Textiles) asked me to design a quilt using their Bird Watchers line. Holy Cow! This was perfect for remaking my Pecking Order quilt. Now what do you think?

Pecking Order using the Bird Watchers Collection
They didn't want the letters (what gives?) and so I took them out, added another bird and some folk art flowers. It's the same size as my original quilt: 35" x 39". The blue one at the top hangs in my foyer, next to this quilt, which also was "pink slipped" by numerous magazines. What's with these people?

Bella's House, made with the Bella Collection by Windham
You can have the free Pecking Order quilt using the Bird Watchers Collection. I offer it at my own website download site: Pecking Order. Full size templates for all the appliqué and easy construction of all the parts. You can also find the P and B link at the Bird Watchers page.

You'll get to see the awesome fabrics there, too!



  1. I think they are all cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. Hi Debby,
    That fabric is just PERFECT for Pecking Order. I love the bird houses down the side, and the birds at the bottom are so much easier than appliqué. Sometimes easy is nice. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It's really cute. I love the original with the words the most, though. Is that available or for sale?


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