Quilter's Block a Day Calendar, Week 37

Onward and upward! More beautiful blocks from Patricia using my digital designs.

Make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see what John Caldwell's quilt won at the Maryland State Fair using 100+ blocks from my calendar!

September 10: Fall Churn Dash

September 10: Fall Churn Dash, 8"
 September 11: Flutter Wheel

September 11: Flutter Wheel
September 12: Framed Squares

September 12: Framed Squares, 12"
 September 13: Friendship Block

September 13: Friendship Block, 12"
 September 14: Goose in the Pond

September 14: Goose in the Pond, 15"
 September 15: Greek Cross Variation

September 15: Greek Cross Variation, 14"
September 16: Lost Goslin'

September 16: Lost Goslin', 6"
Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your REAL blocks. Yes, we are all wondering what you'll do with all 366 of them. Certainly not a single quilt, right?

And here's John Caldwell's quilt winning a BLUE ribbon and Best Machine Appliqué award at the 2017 Howard County Fair. Thanks, John, for letting my humble blocks inspire you.

The Dear John Quilt by John Caldwell of Maryland
And at the fair . . .

The Dear John Quilt with winning ribbons


  1. Amazing once again. John's quilt looks awesome too. You blocks are very inspiring Debby.

  2. I love how your blocks look in your garden! And wow, John, what a fabulous quilt. You do inspire many of us Debbie!

  3. Just awesome blocks. I have no idea how you would put them all together. I mean how many quilts could you make from these? Maybe I should try this and use some of my scraps up. I've been trying!! Seeing this makes me really want to try it next year, starting the 1st!

  4. Thanks to you, Patricia, and John C. for this great eye candy! I certainly hope to see what Patricia puts together from her quilt blocks...


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