Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 36

Welcome to Week 36 of Patricia's blocks. Seven new ones with some pretty awesome settings.

September 3: Bear Tracks (oooh. A teddy bear picnic complete with honey!)

September 3: Bear Tracks, 12"
September 4: Boxed Star

September 4: Boxed Star, 12"
 September 5: Carson City

September 5: Carson City, 9"
 September 6: The Comfort Block

September 6: The Comfort Block, 9"

Here's my own Comfort Quilt made 10 years ago with a lovely floral collection:

The Comfort Quilt
And one more made by my friend, Jean Ann Wright (who was my senior editor at Quilt Magazine for 14 years). She made this for my 2009 book, Supersize 'Em Quilts.

The Comfort Quilt by Jean Ann Wright

September 7: Fan Dance
September 7: Fan Dance, 6"
 September 8: Delectable Mountains
September 8: Delectable Mountains, 9"
 September 9: Double Pyramid

September 9: Double Pyramid, 18"
See you next week for another beautiful set of Patircia's blocks


  1. The Double Pyramid is pretty amazing, something I don't think I could attempt. I really like the Boxed Star, too!

  2. Such beautiful blocks in beautiful settings. My favorite photo this week is the last one, but my favorite block is the Boxed Star. She made a beautiful one!

  3. I love her setting of the bear tracks block. I love all the floral fabrics in your comfort quilt, especially the dark blue with the yellow flowers.


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