Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 39

Welcome back to our weekly show with Patricia's blocks from my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar. Make sure you read to the end to hear from Patricia herself and her update on what she plans to do with her 366 blocks.

September 24: Scottie

September 24: Scottie, 10"

September 25: Scrapbag
September 25: Scrapbag, 15"
 September 26: Starstruck Geese

September 26: Starstruck Geese, 10"

September 27: Tessellating Star

September 27: Tessellating Star, 12"
 September 28: Trip Around the World

 September 28: Trip Around the World, 14"
 September 29: Union Squares

September 29: Union Squares, 12"

September 30: Winged Arrows

September 30: Winged Arrows
Now, for a word from Patricia:
Hi Debby,
Thought I would just touch base with you. 
Haven't forgotten about putting my (your) blocks together into quilts! Trying to get a photo of them all together before I start however is proving harder than one would think.  
I did need some down time from the 'Block a Day'. It was definitely a bigger undertaking than I first thought and have enjoyed just doing some random sewing since. Whatever pops into my head. Love that! Of late, those blocks have been calling my name, so soon! 
Haven't been idle though, have attached a photo of some projects achieved this year. Still trying to use up my stash!  
Have a great day.
Happy sewing and kind regards,
Patricia Bryant's 2017 quilt projects
See you all next week!


  1. Awesome exhibition! Love to see these each week. What in the world will happen next year for an encore?

  2. Hello Debby; Each week, Patricia delights me with each of her blocks that she has created. She is a very dedicated quilter and it shows in her blocks and now in these wonderful photos she has added. I am so pleased that you chose to share these blocks with us! Thank you Debby and have a great day!

  3. As ever, her photos are great, and the one thing I'm struck by is the huge variety in your block designs for the calendar!

  4. I hope the frog didn't swallow her calendar :-) Her other projects are wonderful too. Love that cute little monkey.


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