Windham Wednesdays with Diamonds and Jewels

I like to pull fabrics from a variety of collections when I'm playing with my fabric. Sometimes I have a project in mind; other times I just like to sew patches together and see what they say to me!

Windham sent me their new collection called Foundation by Shayla Wolf that is bright and fresh and very modern. No "girlie" flowers here! Let's see some of them.

Foundation fat quarters
I pulled a few of the lights and combined them with some other collections (Mimosa, a holiday red print from several years ago, Butterfly Dance and some Upper Case). I'm getting ready to make some hearts. Yawn, you say?

Various Windham prints

I'm making some small units using English Paper Piecing (EPP) for an upcoming class I teach in July. Here is a picture of my hearts - nothing "yawn" worthy here!

EPP hearts using the jewel shape
I start with rotary cut diamonds from 2-1/2" strips. Then I slice off a small triangle on one end which turns it into a jewel. The diamond patches will work with 2" diamond papers. The jewels are called 1" size, but really are 2" along the long edges. The short sides measure 1".

These pink heart parts use the It's a Hoot Collection. Click that link and you will go to my blog post with a tutorial and FREE pattern for making tissue holders.

Jewels from back and front
And two little hearts!
Two little jewel hearts from It's a Hoot Collection
My students will be getting enough paper jewels and pre-cut fabrics to make a dozen or two hearts. We will be putting the jewels into other blocks. Can I show you one? The aqua and white dot is from Butterfly Dance. The green print? I have no clue! Just figured it out: it's from Maker's Home by Natalie Barnes. Released in October 2017. I get these bundles. I put them on my shelves . . .

Vintage Jewel block
I'll update this with more blocks. I have one where I combine these jewels, a small center hexagon and 6 diamonds around the outside edges! So much fun!

Hope you enjoyed the show. Take a visit to the Windham site to see the entire Uppercase2 and Foundation fabrics. There is also a Look Book on both the Foundation and Uppercase 2. Gorgeous quilts and other projects - you don't want to miss it.


  1. Those hearts are so cute. Very clever.

  2. So beautiful.Love them all!

  3. Hi Debby,
    I have used a charm pack of Foundation to make a doll quilt just recently. I just LOVE those prints! So modern and geometrical - some of my favorites. ~smile~ Roseanne


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