Windham on Fridays, too! Civil War Sampler

On my 3 mile walk this morning I was thinking about quilting (nothing new, there). And I realized I may not have shared this awesome quilt with you when I made it! Windham released a collection called The Blue and the Gray by Nancy Gere in October 2016. I love these fabrics!

I selected various traditional blocks (many used in my 2016 Civil War Sampler pattern) named after famous people and places from the Civil War era: Order No. 11, Fredonia Oak Leaf, Lincoln's Platform, etc). These are 12" blocks with the center Fredonia Oak Leaf at a whopping 24"!

The Blue and the Gray quilt is 72" x 72". It was beautifully quilted by Connie Gallant (who also now owns it).

The Blue and the Gray Sampler: 72" x 72"
Let's see the blocks up close, ok?

Fredonia Oak Leaf:

Fredonia Oak Leaf: 24" x 24"
Lincoln's Platform:
Lincoln's Platform: 12"
 Louisiana Block:
Louisiana: 12"
Order No. 11
Order No. 11: 12"
 Right Hand of Friendship:
Right Hand of Friendship: 12"
Rosebud Block:
Rosebud Block: 12"
I now have this pattern on my Craftsy site. Check it out: The Blue and the Gray Sampler.


  1. These blocks are so pretty. I also love your AR Meadow Rose.

  2. These blocks are so beautiful!!

  3. Hi Debby! Thanks for the closeup of these blocks. There are so many of these that I love but I wouldn't focus on the smaller details when taking in the overall project. Very cool!
    Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh my, I have just fallen back in love with Civil War blocks thanks to your great article. My husband is from just south of Gettysburg and my love of the Civil War period in our history is enriched from going through that awesome countryside. Thank you so much.

  5. I'm interested in your quilt because of the Fredonia Oak Leaf block. Do you know if this block has anything to do with civil war era Fredonia, New York?

  6. Googled "Order No 11" and found out that this order had to do with skirmishes on the Kansas/Missouri border.


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