Windham Wednesdays with More Diamonds, Jewels and Hearts

Last week I shared about some mini hearts made using Jewel papers and English Paper Piecing (EPP). These are some samples for my upcoming EPP class in July. I'm going to stack the hearts and they will nestle into one another.

Stacked Hearts made using jewel papers and a variety of Windham Fabrics
I received a card in the mail the other day with Stacked Hearts. Cute, huh?

And then I got to thinking: Hmmm. Stacked Hearts. Stacked Hearts. I think I have a quilt by that name!

This is one of my appliqué patterns that I shared a few months ago as a Valentine's Day blog post. I used the Uncorked Collection by Windham Fabrics.

Stacked Hearts using the Uncorked Collection by Windham
Here's the range of fabrics in a set of fat quarters. Quite luscious, don't you think? I've already pulled the pinks for some EPP hearts.

Fat quarters of Uncorked by Windham
And, yes, for some reason I cut a square from each of those fat quarters. I think they were used to make another quilt (I'll share that another day).

6" squares from each of the fat quarters
This is my first Stacked Hearts quilt using a variety of Windham fabrics (Raj, and Spin). Don't you love all that color!

Stacked Hearts
I decided to make a sample for my upcoming Machine Quilting workshops and used my Stacked Hearts appliqué as a stencil. I used freezer paper ironed to the fabric; stitched around it; peeled freezer paper off and then went to town free motion quilting both inside and out. A little crazy with those outside waves. Sort of reminds me of some Super Hero radiating her power - stand back!

Stacked Hearts
Now, let's see some of those Uncorked Hearts, shall we? Because I'm working with 1" jewels (which are also 2" along the long sides), I first cut diamonds from 2-1/2" strips. A basic ruler with the 60 degree markings is all I use.

Then I cut off one tip as shown. I always allow 3/8" (and not the recommended 1/4") for my seams. I like having more to work with and the fabric stays folded better! Quilt Police are NOT allowed anywhere near my sewing room!!

Trimming rotary cut diamonds for use with jewels
And how they look front and back:
Jewels pinned and ready to be transformed into hearts!

Three little Jewel Hearts. So sweet. So pink.

3 Jewels Hearts
Here are 3 of the hearts in two arrangements. Which do you like best?

3 Heart Wreath made using EPP jewels
 And let's get back to the stacked hearts!

3 Stacked Hearts
I have a few other EPP patterns using other shapes. Check them out!

My Pin and Needle Case is an awesome way to keep your EPP papers, pins, fabrics together. There are pockets inside and even "pages" using batting. This Grandmother's Flower Garden block uses 1" hexagons.

Hexie Needle Case
And my Zig and Zag of Hexies Table Runner made with some awesome Lotta Jansdotter fabrics. I used large, 2" hexagons for this. I actually made two of these.

The Zig and Zag of Hexies
Large, 2" hexies capture a lot of the print! Can you see that little frog sitting by the side of the river?

2" Hexies using the Briar Rose collection

Zig Zag Hexie runner using Briar Rose


  1. I actually live the 3 heart wreath the better of the two. I like the symbolism of in a marriage that it takes 3 - 2 spouses and God and all 3 are equally important to keep a marriage strong. (I just wish that had been true in my marriage - oops!) Also, being raised as a Christian and still am - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one, yet three. When they are stacked, they don't seem to be as one as much to me. Just my opinion.

  2. I couldn't resist. I LOVE your comment about the Quilt Police not being allowed anyhwhere near your sewing room!! Cracked me up.

    1. Thanks, Michelle (don't have your email or I would have sent this via email). Yes, no police telling me what to do with my fabric! Even my husband stands clear! Has to ask permission to even empty my waste basket (you never know if you need a scrap you threw in there the other day, right?)

  3. can you tell me how to get the pattern for the pins and needles case? When I clicked on the link it just takes me to Craftsy site and I have no idea where to look without pages and pages of searching? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Michelle. I don't have your email, so I'm hoping you'll check back here. Thanks for the alert that my link is broken. I had to move my patterns from Craftsy to Etsy 2 years ago. I will fix the link, but you can find it here: I have an active shop: Check it out! Thanks for your interest.


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