Technique Tuesday with Front Porch by Benartex

"Mom. Can you make another zipper bag for me? I need something to take to the pool to hold my keys, phone, etc."

It was the magic word "pool" that made me think of Front Porch. Remember, I did a post about these fun fabrics a few weeks ago? Read it here.

Front Porch fabrics featured a few weeks ago
 And here's that really cool panel!

Front Porch panel
I had a few of those panels left and made two small rectangular pouches with velcro closures:

 I lined these and then rolled the lining over to the front and topstitched them closed. I used pieces of sticky-back velcro and then stitched around the edges to secure it.

Two small pouches with Velcro closures
And here's the backing fabric I used. Love that sunglasses fabric!

Small panel for bag front; sunglasses print for the back
And here's the zipper bag. I have to confess, I was close to a meltdown making this simple thing. I'm a quilter. I only make quilts. When I have to try a new technique, I begin to pull my hair out.

I did find a very helpful tutorial on YouTube, but I had to stop it about 10 times to figure it all out. It was hilarious, except I didn't think so at the time! Then I made one for each of my grandsons using the Matthew's Monsters in the Machine fabrics (but I forgot to take pics of those).

The zipper pouch using the fruit print (that's what she asked for; I thought she'd like the sunglasses for the pool, right?) I lined this will a heavy decorator fabric I had on hand. I think that's why I was having a meltdown!

Zipper pouch
I am determined to make some more of these EASY zipper pouches. I have several dozen zippers in assorted colors and I even know how to cut a zipper down to size, so that doesn't limit me. Repetition aides learning!


  1. They are so cute! My zipper bags take a beating so I'm sure these will get used and loved!

  2. These turned out cute! Since your daughter wants it for the pool, did you know there is iron on vinyl that makes them somewhat 'water resistant'? (Yeah, just to make things a little more difficult!). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Debby,
    I appreciate your honesty on making these 'simple' pouches. Friends and family do think that being a quilter means you can tailor clothes or sew anything. In some cases, that is true . . . and sometimes not so much. I know you're daughter will enjoy this at the pool! ~smile~ Roseanne


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