Windham Wednesdays with Bedrock Gingham

I made a little more progress on my Gingham Quilt using Bedrock by Windham Fabrics. Remember? I was going to imitate gingham by sewing a lot of squares together!

This is the concept (and a piece of Black/Gray/White gingham):

Actual gingham fabric
Now, my fabrics from the Bedrock Collection by Windham. The red is going to be my inner border!

Bedrock Fabrics for my Gingham Quilt
I did a little math and some calculations and began to cut my strips. These are 2-1/2" x wof.

2-1/2" strips of my 3 Bedrock fabrics
Then I began assembly of my 3 blocks. I stripped two black and one gray strip as shown. Then I cut the strip-set into 2-1/2" wedges. Black-Gray-Black.

First strip set for Block #1. I need TWO of these.
 And the strip set of gray-white-gray. I will need ONE of these.

Second strip set for Block #1. I need ONE of these for each block

Now, put them together:
Three wedges ready for Block #1

Block #1 is sewn. I need to make 9 of these.

Block #1 sewn
Block #2 is stitched the same way with the same colors but arranged in a different way. I need 12 of these Block #2s.

Block #2
And Block #3 is also stitched using the same 3 colors, but again - arranged differently. I only need 4 of these.

Block #3. I need 4 of these.
Let's see the blocks, ok?

25 Gingham blocks ready for assembly
You'll have to come back next week to see my assembly. My eyes are crossed, believe me! But there really is a method to this madness! I think there's probably another (and easier) way to go about recreating the weave of gingham, but this is the way that came to my little brain! And if you look too closely at the top image of gingham, my blocks don't actually work for that. Too bad! Mine will turn out to be gingham, I promise.

The blocks will finish to 6" and the center of the quilt will be 5 x 5 blocks (30" x 30"). I may go bigger, but for now, this is what I have.

Next week I will have a clear diagram of how these blocks go together - and hopefully - a finished quilt top! Hope to see you then.


  1. Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

  2. Hi Debby! This is very similar to a Buffalo plaid layout, I think. I l.o.v.e. the fabrics you chose for this, and you bet I'll bet back to see the final result next week. I am loving this project! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That's wonderful, and I can visualize your bit of red border around them. A beautiful showcasing of the fabrics. I do love Windham!

  4. My eyes are crossing just looking at what you have done:-) Can't wait to see the finish.


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