Just a Few More Dresdens

I have just made available my Modern Vortex Quilt (and variations) at my Etsy store. This is the HARD COPY pattern with the multi-size acrylic cutting template. Check it out: Modern Vortex.

I want to share some pics of my older Dresden Plate quilts. These were used when I taught this workshop back in 2012 - 2013.

This first one is from my first book, Bold, Black & Beautiful Quilts (AQS 2004). I struggled about what to use for a border. My (smart) daughter Hilary said, "Forget it, mom. No border. It's done!" Wow. That's why I sent her to an ivy league college to study design, right?

Chrysanthemums at Night: 40" x 40"

 One whole block and two halves.
Split Dresdens Table Runner
 Same quilt using 1930s prints. The center measures 20" x 40".
1930s prints
And what about 16 quarter blocks arranged in my "When Four Blocks Make Five" setting?

This creates the illusion of a 5th block in the center
Remember, these are ALL created using the 18 degree dresden wedge. The background squares are 10". The quilt above has a 40" x 40" center.

And what happens when you start cutting and run out of fabric before getting enough for full blocks? Not to worry! Just pretend you planned this. Partial blocks. Plain squares. Alternating plain white wedges. Have NO idea how to quilt this, but it will come to me someday, I am sure!

Left over wedges
Did you notice that all of these quilts use a triangle for the base of the blocks? It's just a simple square stitched along one diagonal and then trimmed. The info for doing this is also included in another tip sheet. (The other tip sheet is how to work with border prints).

Check out the HARD COPY Modern Vortex pattern at Etsy. $15 plus $2 postage (First Class USPS)

Or you can get the DIGITAL COPY Modern Vortex pattern. $10 plus $2 postage.


  1. I need to get a dresden wedge. These are all great. I didn't even notice the centre was a square. LOL

  2. Hi again Debby! Oooh, those black and white and red Dresdens. One of my absolute favorite color combinations, and those partial and full Dresden plates look so fun. Fabulous! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I really like the black, red and white Dresdens. I like the triangle idea. I am going to put this pattern and ruler on my wish list.

  4. I like the black and red and white, too. I think the upper right and lower left have to have the squares next to them quilted to complete the Dresden design in those quarters, but what comes next? Color me clueless!


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