May Red Hat Block: The Dancing Shoe

Here it is May Day and I have the fifth and final block in my Red Hat 2019 Block of the Month. In order for me to make my little quilt top, I had to make FOUR of these Dancing Shoe blocks.

Here's the quilt, still not quilted (but I'm getting closer because I unpacked my Handi Quilter Sweet 16 just the other day and it's waiting for me to get to work).

Red Hat Quilt top
I have two red shoes pointing left. . .

Dancing Shoe pointing left - I made two!
And two blue shoes pointing right:

Dancing Shoe pointing right - I made two of these, too!
And here is a picture of what my stitching looks like from the wrong side.

Stitching on the wrong side
This block is different in that I added 3 thin strips of fabric to the cream rectangle. I just wanted a little interest in those blocks. What do you think?

You can find this pattern in my Etsy shop. I hope to get working on that quilt this month. I plan on stitching the blocks using my walking foot in the vertical and horizontal seams and then free motion quilting each block using my HQ Sweet 16.

When the pattern is available, I will get it to those of you who have purchased any of the patterns (I have your emails, provided by Etsy).


  1. That is great, Debby. I love the shoe - could almost go out and buy some and love them to pieces! Thanks so much.


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