Fossil Fern Week: Day 1

What can I say? These Fossil Ferns by Patricia Campbell have been a mainstay for blenders in my stash for almost 20 years. Here is the first box ever sent: 100 fat quarters (minus several I had already sewn with).
Fossil Ferns
The very first project I made for Benartex using Fossil Ferns was my Royal Star quilt. I was Special Projects Editor for Quilt Magazine at the time and fabric companies had begun sending us their fabrics and asking us to come up with something! I received a bundle in the late 1990s. I can still remember standing in my sewing/laundry room in Silver Spring, Maryland and thinking: What can I do with these GORGEOUS fabrics?

Traditional quilt patterns have always inspired me. I took the vintage Royal Star block, changed out the center 9-Patch to rotary cut 2-1/2" squares and converted the corners to paper piecing! I sewed until I ran out of the small bundle of Fossil Ferns.

Ready to stitch a Royal Star block
That center is a 9 Patch that measures 6" finished. But, it's on the diagonal. I drafted the corners to fit perfectly with that center. The block finishes to approximately 8-1/2".

Ready for the corners to be joined to the center

Joined! No hand piecing or templates here. And will you look at those awesome sharp points!
Finished block with seams
And one more block in pinks:
Single Royal Star block
And my "famous" Royal Star quilt. It has been on a magazine cover TWICE and was the cover of my first book: Bold, Black and Beautiful.

Royal Star quilt as it appeared in Quilt Magazine
16 Block Royal Star
Don't you just love how the Fossil Ferns make these stars shine? The sashings and corner stones create the illusion that the stars are floating. But it's an optical illusion! The sashing is 3 strips: Black-Color-Black. That's the trick!

Single Royal Star block with triple sashing
I hope you enjoyed seeing my Royal Star quilt. You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop.

Come back for Day 2 with another project made with these gorgeous Fossil Ferns.


  1. Hi Debby! I just love this block. I'm a huge fan of the 9-patch and enjoy seeing it in the center of these pretties. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. This is a gorgeous block and I love your Royal Star Quilt!

  3. I remember this quilt pattern well! Back when it first appeared in a magazine, I used it to make the swap blocks for my secret sister swap. I made and gave her 24 of these blocks as we were supposed to make 2 per month. I never did see her finished quilt top! I wish I had made myself 24 as well.

  4. I love all those bright colors. That is a fantastic quilt.

  5. Your quilt is really beautiful Debby. I love the fabrics in this collection.


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