Free Pattern Friday: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

This is a repeat post from 2013 that I thought you might enjoy seeing again. It has been 6+ years and I've been thinking of this elephant again! (And you thought I was talking about a lion!)
No, those are not wrinkles in the fabric - just the elephant hide!
The Lion Sleeps Tonight - But What About the Elephant?

I lived in Africa for 3 years and I have wonderful memories. I met and married my Texan husband there and we visited a few game parks where we saw elephants, lions, cheetah, zebras, and many other dangerous animals. I designed this elephant appliqué several years ago for a Windham fabric collection and still had the freezer paper template. I dug it out, asked for a small piece of the elephant hide fabric and stitched this yesterday. (You can have this appliqué; more later).

 Can you believe all these wild animals?
The colors are so vivid in this fabric!
I plan on making an elephant pillow or small quilt with other animal motifs for my grandsons. But I wanted to do that one appliqué. I have to say that my memory of this elephant (and the monkey and giraffe) was triggered by a magazine article. There is an elephant appliqué pillow and some wonderful wild animal motifs.

Take a look at the other skin prints (I didn't say skin FLINTS) that Windham has. I think they're awesome.
Now, here is the link to the pattern for a different quilt using different fabrics. But there are 3 appliqué shapes: an elephant, a monkey, and a giraffe. Safari Adventures

Safari Adventures Quilt
Hope you enjoyed your African Safari visit today!


  1. Hi Debby! What a fun quilt. I didn't know you lived in Africa - what a wonderful experience that must have been. I'll bet your grandsons will love and adore anything you make for them with a wild animal theme. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thanks! My daughter also lived in Africa (the Rift Valley in Kenya) for 2 years and shared exploits of driving through National parks after dark and almost hitting an elephant!! She absolutely HATED the monkies!! Where she lived they weren't much of an issue, but when she went to Karen for a break she always had problems with them! Thanks for the memories!! She now lives in the Fairfax area and I was able to visit your shop a couple of years ago when we visited her. Am looking forward to doing it again soon when it's not 10 minutes till closing time!! LOL!!

  3. Thanks for the pattern. I didn't know you lived in Africa at one time. Would love to know more about how you ended up there and what you did while you lived there and what brought you back stateside.

    Those fabrics are great. I will be looking for them at my local quilt store.

  4. Can't find the link to the pattern. What am I missing?

    1. Click on the words "Safari Adventures" ABOVE the last picture. The link works; I just checked! I don't have your email or I would also reply that way, too.

  5. Thank you for the pattern. I always enjoy hearing of your time in Africa.

  6. I have pressed on "Safari Adventures" several times without success downloading any animal let alone an elephant. Please write back to let me know what's going on. quiltyladyrr. at. gmail dot com.


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