Shortcuts from a Short Woman: Day 3

Another day, another set of quilts. Old? Yes! Still relevant? I hope so!

How about some Tessellating Leaves? These two quilts use the same block and setting, with one in Christmas fabrics and the other which could be used for St. Patrick's Day.

Tessellating Leaves: 22" x 22"
And my Christmas Tessellating Leaves quilt. These are small blocks (4") but create that illusion of interlocking leaves because of the placement of the blocks with each other.

Christmas Tessellating Leaves
Where the Heck-o is My Gecko? Yes, that's the name of the next quilt. Just a half yard of a fun novelty print took on a life of its own when I began to play with stars and black fabric. While you may not be able to find a fabric with lizard-like geckos on it, just about any bright and funky print with a children’s theme would make anyone smile.

The blocks are 6" and the quilt is 42" x 42". Easy to piece. Don't you love the arrows going every which-way?

Where the Heck-o is My Gecko?
Now I'll share one of the four quilts on the CD that feature foundation paper piecing. Let's start with Carpenter's Wheel. This traditional block can be tricky with 45 degree diamonds and a lot of inset seams (using the vintage technique). I drafted it for paper piecing and here's my first one.

Carpenter's Wheel: 20" x 20"
This was one of those 30 quilts stolen in 2005. A dear quilting friend, Joan G. from Georgia, made a replacement quilt for me. It traveled with me for a few years for my trunk shows and then I returned it to her. She added mitered borders. I quilted it for her. Lovely, huh?

Carpenter's Wheel by Joan G. of Georgia
Check out the CD on my Etsy shop: Shortcuts from a Short Woman. It was $13 when I first published it in 2003 and it still is $13, 16 years later!

You can see all of the quilts at my web site with the order form (if you prefer to send in a check). There's a link for all of these, plus more! Shortcuts CD pics and order form

See you on Day 4 with 3 more quilts using foundation piecing.


  1. how sweet of you to post my name with the Carpenter's Wheel that I made to replace the one that was stolen from you. I can't believe it was that many years ago I was just starting to quilt and you were such a huge help, teaching me how to paper piece.
    I still have the carpenter's wheel hanging in my studio, I think of you and all you did for me when you lived in GA.

  2. The original carpenter's wheel colors are among my favorites. I always thought your quilts would turn up somewhere, but I guess it's unlikely after 14 years!


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