Shortcuts from a Short Woman: Day 4

Another day; some more quilts.  This first one I call Spinning Blades. Yes, this was stolen, too! Yikes. So many are up there in the Giant Quilt Rack in the Sky, waving at me, I think.

This is paper pieced and then the curved pieced units are set into the curved/concave background pieces. All the blades spin in the same direction, with the turquoise and magenta colors alternating. The blocks are 5-1/2" and the entire quilt is only 27" square. I used several colors of Benartex Fossil Ferns.
Spinning Waterwheels
I did remake my Waterwheels quilt in black, red and white. I upsized the block (8") and made it quite a bit larger. It is a class I teach. I also created a mirror image block - can you see it?

Spinning Waterwheels with larger blocks
The next quilt is Fairy Love Ring. It is from my Coffee Filter Fans class from several years ago.

Fairy Love Ring
Here are some better photos of my Coffee Filter Fans quilt. This green quilt was published in a quilting magazine about 10 years ago. You can find my pattern on my Etsy site.

Coffee Filter Fans on Green
These are cascading fans in this quilt.

Coffee Filter Fans
What do I mean by the "coffee filter" part?

A coffee filter is just a convenient circle. I used 9-3/4" diameter coffee filters in the green quilt above. I press the filters flat, cut them into quarters (by folding first) and then fold and mark each of the quarters into four equal sections. Draw lines on those folds and start paper piecing! I've been doing this for 25 years!

Now for the Mariner's Compass. The following quilt wasn't even a year old when it also was stolen. I actually remade it using some Halloween fabrics! This bright purple and red compass is also on the Shortcuts CD.

I bet you want to see the Halloween one, right?

Two blocks with a Halloween themed set of fabrics
Easy to paper piece. Set into the curves. Add some borders and - boom! There it is.

Go see all the quilts here: Shortcuts from a Short Woman (this is on my web site)
Or go order it here on Etsy: Shortcuts CD

One more day to feature the last of the quilts. I'll be back!


  1. Hi Debby! I am shocked at the number of quilts that you have stolen. That just makes me sad. I know you expose your quilts to many more people than a non-teaching person. But makes someone think that it's okay to steal one?? Anyway, I am sorry that has happened so many times to you. I hope they aren't enjoying them. Very interesting about the coffee filters! I wonder if you suggestion will cause a spike in the sales of them! HAHA! Happy Wednesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love the hint about using coffee filters for paper piecing. Someone told me the other day to use old phone book pages for making a string quilt. Going to try both.

  3. I've always liked your coffee filter fans. That Halloween quilt is just TOO cute!


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