Fun with Sunburst Motifs

Sometimes you come across a fabric that asks you to make more than one quilt. You look at it and see so many possibilities - and Sunburst (designed by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan) was just one of those. Here is my latest: Off Center Log Cabin.

Sunburst Off Center Log Cabin: 42" x 42"
I shared about the first quilt made using these little squares.

Sunburst squares combined with some blenders
I updated a traditional Trip Around the World using those little squares. As with all panel type fabrics, the cuts are not usually in whole numbers. As they were printed, they measured 3-7/8" x 4". I had to recut ALL of my squares to 3-7/8". Quite a tedious task, but I love the result.

Sunburst Fabrics before cutting
And here's my first quilt. I have since had it beautifully quilted. Just need a sunny day for a photograph.
Sunburst Trip Around the World: 57" x 57"
Now, let's see my approach to the Off Center Log Cabin. I cut a bunch of strips from a variety of shot cotton fat quarters.  I added 6 rows of strips (the logs) to each motif. They are sewn to only two sides of the center.

Adding 1-1/4" strips of shot cottons to two sides of a Sunburst square.
Then I decided to set these in an offbeat arrangement. I was able to piece 16 blocks before I pooped out. Because the centers begin as 3-7/8", the blocks themselves will finish to slightly smaller than 8" (7-7/8"). It really doesn't matter because the entire quilt is made from uniform size blocks!

Strips cut from shot cottons, pulling colors from the Sunburst motifs
I added some awesome bright circles and dots fabric to the top and bottom and used the Sunburst fabrics to the sides (with more shot cottons to increase the size). I love this little quilt! I quilted it during our "House Arrest" this past week. Here she is on my kitchen floor before quilting.

16 Block Off Center Log Cabin
Finally (but probably not my last quilt), I took an old sample from the mid 2000s where I centered a LakeHouse flower motif with a black background and surrounded it with 12 raw edge batik melon shapes (taken from my EZ Double Wedding Ring pattern and template set). I like to share this center with guilds when I share tips and tricks.
Sunshine and Flowers teaching sample
My LakeHouse flower motif was only 10" square. I needed to add more black fabric around all sides so I could use those batik melons. I chose a black and white batik, though you can't really see it from the front. But, now that I told you, I bet you can!

Center square with added borders to allow me room to place those batik melons
I did some careful measuring and with a 1/2" finished inner border (which took it out to 19" finished). I was able to add those Sunburst motifs without chopping any up.

The reason I will not quilt this any time soon is that I enjoy showing other quilters how they can make the most of what may seem like an impossible situation. This comes with me sometimes when I speak to quilt guilds. When you can see something from the back - something that is somewhat unorthodox - it takes the need for perfection down quite a few notches, doesn't it?

I still have about 2 yards of this Sunburst fabric left. It mixes so well with a lot of prints and blenders. Don't be surprised if I come back with a few more examples!


  1. I love those quilts! They are happy quilts when we all need a "pick me up"!!
    OK, getting me inspired now!!! Thanks Debby!

  2. Love, love your bright and happy quilts.

  3. Love every one of these - bright and cheerful - just what we need .

  4. Hi Debby! Oh, I love this finished project especially the sunbursts around the border. ~smile~ Roseanne


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