House Arrest Quilts and Facebook Page

Yes, it's true. Most of us are under what I call House Arrest. And because we are quilters and are sitting on quite a stash, we are making quilts, right?

I've been home for 2-1/2 weeks with 5 teaching contracts cancelled. Am I twiddling my thumbs? No! I've been sewing and quilting and finishing quite a few quilts.

I created a Facebook Page called House Arrest Quilts. It's open to the public (until someone misbehaves). It's for YOU to also share any quilts you're working on.

Here is my Minton Elephant that I haven't seen in about a year. I tore my sewing room apart last week looking for her. And then I heard a little whisper from my desk: "In here, Miss Debby. Look in this folder." And there she was in the plastic sleeve I placed her in to keep her safe.

Minton Elephant in the protective binder sleeve
I cut this out a few years ago and auditioned it on a lovely cream background:

Minton Elephant from 2016
Since the elephant left the room, I was worried. But she's back and I am surrounding her with beautiful fabrics. Here is a teaser:

Minton Elephant center
I have several more that I'll roll out later this week. Take a visit to the Facebook page and let us see what you're up to. There are rules:

  • No posts about face masks
  • No political posts
  • No advertising for anything other than quilting


  1. Love your elephant, but trunk up for good luck and facing east for prosperity. Youra is still beautiful though.

  2. Well, she's a renegade free thinking elephant. She is very lucky and also very prosperous (because she lives in a room with a lot of pretty fabric)

  3. Hi Debby! I love your elephant. I've got nothing to share . . . just haven't had the quilting bug bite for a few weeks. Stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. beautiful----inspiring colours


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