More Spinning Pinwheel Blocks

Yes, I made some more! I used a different color-way from the ones I made 2 years ago. Do you remember those? I made them with the Lotus Leaf print from Kaffe Fassett. (My newest one is at the bottom of this post).

This 8 block quilt was made with the green print. Every block was taken from the SAME exact spot in the print. Go check out the post (and see the big, square holes I left in the yardage!)

Spinning Pinwheels
OK. You don't believe me. Well, here it is on the carpet of my sewing room - all 8 square holes showing!

Spinning Pinwheels Tutorial
Then you can read about my problem with setting triangles. I cut up fabric and then after auditioning it, decided it didn't work. WAY TOO MUCH green!

Too much green - gasp!
Now, for some reason, the orange/pink version of this Lotus Leaf fabric was calling to me. And I cut some more square holes. Here are my 8 blocks. I can't find a setting fabric yet in my stash, but I'm sure I will some day.

8 Spinning Pinwheels in the orange
You can't agonize about where to place your ruler to cut the first square. As you can see, each block showcases a very different part of that 9-1/2" square (refer to my earlier posts for the tutorial and sizes of patches, etc). I like the surprise element, don't you?

If you are a fan of Kaffe Fassett fabrics (and Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs), check out my Facets of Color Pinterest page ("facets" is a play on his last name, if you didn't figure that out already). I have almost 100 of MY OWN creations using these bold and beautiful fabrics.

In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for some setting fabrics!