Windham Wednesdays with Solstice, Part 2

Solstice by Sally Kelly for Windham Fabrics has so many possibilities. I've made some blocks with circles:

6" Circle Blocks

A CD-ROM was my template!

And Square in Square blocks, also 6" (finished). Paper is still on the back of these (since removed). Yes, I paper pieced them!

6" Square in a Square blocks

Then I saw these fabrics on another Facebook page. They reminded me that I hadn't done anything yet with the blocks above (though I DO have a plan). And the member said that she was going to use these gorgeous fabrics for English Paper Piecing. Here are just a few of the 28 fabrics.

Some of the 28 fabrics from Solstice

I keep coming back to one of my favorite EPP blocks. It's a Pentagon Wreath using 2" papers. Do you remember this from the Foxwood Collection (also Windham)?

Foxwood Friends pattern on Etsy

Here is my first block (not stitched down yet). It still has the papers on the back.

Pentagon Wreath

And what do those papers look like? Notice that I don't stitch through the papers - I stitch through the fabric folds at the corners. Then my basting stays in and holds the floppy ends down once I take the papers out. And those holes? Makes it easy to pull the card stock papers out!

Back of Pentagon Wreath before removing the papers.

And the papers removed. See? The outside edges STAY folded because the basting stays in. But, there is NO thread showing on the front.

See? All neat and no floppy ends because the basting stays in

One more block in process. These fabrics and colors are so fun to put together!

I'll keep you posted on my progress. The block size is arbitrary. I'm working with fat quarters, so I'm limited in what size background square to use.

I love having take-along handwork when I'm riding in a car or sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. It's easy to put a few things together (needle, thread, papers, fabrics, etc) ready to take. Summer is a perfect time for this.

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  1. I need all your fabrics!!!!!!!

  2. That makes such an interesting block, thanks for sharing what you did. I always like reading your how-I-did-it posts.


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