Recent Charity Quilt Finishes

I make a LOT of quilts. I love to play with fabric and each new bunch seems to be more glorious than the last one! When I retire a workshop, I take the samples and finish them into quilts for my local quilt guild's charity opportunities. I live in Northern Virginia and my guild, Reston Quilter's Unlimited, donates several hundred quilts and quilted items to local endeavors (Young Lives summer camp, hospitals, nursing homes, etc). We are really prolific! Here are a few recent ones. I made the tops, my friend Jeanne C. quilted them and I put the bindings on.

Cobblestone Blocks using Free Motion Fantasy. 54" x 54"

I have literally used up the last inch of these fabulous fabrics by Amanda Murphy. I had to get clever with the border fabrics as I didn't have enough of one print to go all the way around. The centers are 9" squares with 3" strips all around!

The next quilt is small, so it will go to our commitment for Young Lives (we promise 167 quilts!) These are leftovers from several projects, but I just couldn't ignore those remaining little froggies. Some little kid is going to love them. Very, very scrappy!

Toadily Cute #2: 38" x 42"

Here's one I made in 2020 using the same Cobblestone block concept as the first quilt at the top. I let the fabric do all the work.

Toadily Cute #1. Not sure about size!

Here's one using the Oh, Fudge Collection by Benartex. Quite yummy! I used the class samples from my Bubbles and Hexagons workshop. These "hexagons" were made from a Layer Cake. You can see the vertical seams - so now my secret is out of the bag - they're composed of two half-hexagons. (My Etsy pattern has two sizes of half-hexagons).

Bubbles and Hexagons: 44" x 44"

And one quilt I've made SO many times - my Rainbow Strips. I used a stack of 2-1/2" strips from my Kaffe Fassett stash and a wild border.

Rainbow Strips: 54" x 54"

And let's see one more. Yes, another Cobblestones block. It's a great way to feature a fun print without a lot of extra piecing and distraction.

Color Me Happy: 40" x 40"

I alway say: Let the fabric do the work. As you can see, that's happening here. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love Bubbles and Hexagons: 44" x 44". I give quilt tops and fabric to Quilters United also.


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