The Sewing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day. In just about every fabric collection I have found there's at least one green. I think it has to be that way since green is everywhere around us - a natural color. Even the daffodils that are blooming outside my windows have a generous amount of green to accompany the yellow!

Here is my St. Patrick's Day quilt with a lot of green. It's from my Block a Day Calendar (actually, two blocks). This uses the Windham Uncorked fabrics (still available at your local quilt shops).

Irish Cross and Chain

Then there's my very green Winding Ways quilt. Yes, a LOT of green! This also uses some Windham Fabrics, this time with the Sweet Wish set of batiks. I've done an extensive blog post about this and my "cheater's" method for making this otherwise difficult block. Do a search for "Winding Ways" or even click that Etsy link to see a lot of process photos.

Winding Ways quilt: 10" blocks. 48" x 48"

About 10 years ago my sweet oldest daughter Audrey gave me a pair of green sneakers. I absolutely loved them. I mean, when was the last time you wore green sneakers? I made a postcard and cut out some sneaker motifs and sent it to her. What do you think?

Green sneakers postcard

(This makes me want to do another blog post on making fabric postcards.)

Then I made a lot of blocks for my Ezekiel's Crown quilt; I didn't plan very well because I ran out of one green fabric and had to substitute. Have you ever had to do that? This is paper pieced.

Ezekiel's Crown: 9" blocks. 40" x 40"

And one last green quilt (though, not the end of them by any means!). My Half Hexagon Braid quilt which was published in a Fons and Porter Magazine about 10 years ago. This one is perfect for 2-1/2" jelly roll strips. The pattern is for 2 sizes of half hexagons. Check it out.

Half Hexagon Braid Quilt: 49" x 52"

Ok. I thought of one very green block. It's my rotary cut Grandmother's Flower Garden. I blogged about that a few weeks ago. I first designed (and made) a quilt for Windham Fabrics that was kitted with their fabric and sold in the Keepsake Catalog.

Grandmother's Flower Garden: 17-1/2" finished

I hope you have a lovely St. Patrick's Day wherever you live. Don't forget to wear some green!


  1. Love the green tennis shoes postcard. The Ezekiel's Crown quilt is fascinating.

  2. I try to send fabric postcards to grands for the holiday. At Christmas I send twenty or so. Post office make me put in envelope to send or charges me $.75 because they have to hand stamp. Need to get busy on the Easter ones.
    Love yours.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Yes, when I first started making these 20 years ago when I lived in Atlanta, the post office was truly confused about how to handle them! They had to hand stamp and required more postage. Sometimes they were mangled and discolored at the recipient’s end - what goes on in the back rooms of the USPS?!!

      I still have some of those original postcards. What fun memories!

      Get going on your Easter postcards!


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