More Quilts from that 2004 Magazine

I pulled out my copy of that Appliqué Quilts 2004 magazine (which featured the Wild Strawberries quilt shown on Wednesday) and discovered a few more lovely quilts. Again, I used an orphan block that had been submitted to our editorial office. Let me show you one:

Ohio Star with Ruched Roses

This block is a combination of piecing (the Ohio Star) and appliqué, along with the "ruching", which is the gathered red "lumpy" fabric. I donated this to a quilt museum for fund raising. Here is a photo of it up close. I added the borders and little folded triangles to repeat some of the colors.

Ohio Rose with Ruched Roses. 12" block, 19" x 19" quilt

 Turn to page 12 and you will find my lovely classic beauty from the vintage Laurel Wreath series. I made 4 blocks using the birds and then pooped out. The collection has 25 blocks and they all have a laurel wreath with 25 appliquéd leaves. Now do you know why I pooped out? You can see the entire quilt (digital) here: Laurel Wreath pattern

Four blocks from the Laurel Wreath Quilt. 12" blocks. 45" x 45" quilt

Then turn to page 24. My Blue Yo Yo Basket appears. Again, a single orphan block that I added borders to and quilted. Can you believe the appliqué work on this? It was sent by a faithful magazine reader to our office. I drew up the artwork for the templates. Such a sweet quilt for Teddy Bear to sit next to!

Blue Yo Yo Basket. 12" block. 19" x 19" quilt

And one more quilt in this epic magazine! My simplified version of the Winding Ways/Wheel of Mystery quilt. This uses raw edge appliqué over a single background piece of fabric. I've made at least a dozen of these quilts. This, I think, was the first.

Wheel of Mystery from 2004. 7" blocks. 30" x 37" quilt

I still have this quilt. It is a big ragged (due to the raw edge appliqué) but I love the rainbow colors and how easy it is to make using 2 pieces of fabric and not 12 patches! Check out my Etsy pattern to see several other quilts.

That's a total of FIVE quilts in this single issue of Appliqué Quilts! I loved working with these magazines for 14 years and so did 2 of my 3 daughters - it helped pay for their college! I hope you enjoyed my show of these appliqué quilts.


  1. Certainly enjoyed seeing your applique quilts in the 2004 magazine. They are lovely!

  2. Absolutely enjoyed the inspirations here!


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