Please Don't Touch Those Strawberries!

 This is a repost from 10 years ago and you can have the FREE PATTERN, too!

Did he really have to count them?

Imagine my horror after dinner the other night as I watched my dear husband Phil walk into the hallway, stop in front of this mini quilt and begin counting the strawberries by POKING EACH ONE WITH HIS FINGER! Poke - one; poke - two, up to 8 plump strawberries. I gasped: "What are you doing? You're not supposed to TOUCH quilts. You KNOW that, right?"

He looked chagrined - and grinned like a Cheshire cat (or like a junior high boy caught in the act). He IS a keeper and like I always say: I'm still married to my first husband after 36+ years 46 years! Never found anyone better. But where did I go wrong about teaching him how to treat quilts? It was the lure, I guess, of those plump strawberries. His own strawberry garden didn't yield any this first year, so maybe he was just getting out his frustrations.

I found my pattern for this quilt which appeared in Appliqué Quilts in 2004.  I didn't make the center block (it was an orphan I came upon), but I did design and execute the layout and quilted it. I love the asymmetry of the borders and prairie points, don't you?

You can have this pattern FREE, yes, I said FREE!

Thanks so much for your continued interest in my patterns and stories about my quilts. They each have a unique tale. This one about my husband poking all 8 of those strawberries is one of the craziest!

I still have this lovely, little quilt after all these years. It's now hanging in his home office and he knows that he's not allowed to touch it!


  1. Thanks for the strawberry pattern and all you share.

  2. Thank you! That looks so cute hanging with the chickens. How could he touch it? He didn't even wash his hands first! LOL


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