One More Bubbles Quilt

Remember that batch of half hexagons from last month? These were cut about 12 years ago and have been waiting for a special quilt! I made the Half-Hexagon Braid quilt, and had so many more left over that I made a second one.

Half Hexagons waiting for another quilt

Bubbles and Hexagons is a pattern I first made and had published in Quilt Magazine in 1997. You can see what I mean by the hexagons part (two half-hexagons make on hexagon, right?):

Here is the one I made as my workshop sample for 2018. It's hard to tell that those whole hexagons are really composed of two half-hexagons, but they are! This is a perfect project for those 2-1/2" Jelly Roll strips! Check out my easy pattern on Etsy.

Bubbles and Hexagons: 41" x 51" 

I used a stack of these half-hexagons in the browns and made this 42" x 49" quilt. I floated the hexagons with the white print so none were chopped in half. I had to get creative with the borders because I didn't have enough length of the brown print - so I added squares. I think it works!

Bubbles and Hexagons: 42" x 49" 

My Half-Hexagon Braid quilt uses the same size half hexagons. I had 3 vertical rows almost completed in my class sample box and so added some vertical floral panels strips and borders and this is the second of the two quilts I got from these. This will be quilted and donated to my local guild.

Half Hexagon Braid Quilt with acrylic template: 40" x 49"

You can find my Half Hexagon Braid pattern on Etsy. One is digital and one is a printed pattern with acrylic template.


  1. I like ALL of these! I don't have an Etsy account any more, so could you e-me about getting the pattern with the template? I do have paypal. I want to make a braid and a bubbles, and who knows what else, and I'm pretty sure I have a strip set I can use. Thank you!


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