Creative Settings for 7 Blocks

I thought of another quilt that uses a 3 x 3 block setting, but I only had 7 blocks. I paper pieced these Shark's Teeth blocks and squeezed the life out of the fabrics, but couldn't get any more than 7. I shared this with you last June.

It happens all the time (to me). I do not typically "count the cost" before I jump in and start sewing with a quilt in mind. Then I run out of fabric to finish the number of blocks I need, say, for a 3 x 3 block quilt. That's what happened here in my Mistletoe Shark's Teeth quilt.

Mistletoe Shark's Teeth quilt: 10" blocks. 38" x 38" quilt

I cut two panels the same size as the blocks (foundation pieced) and put them at the top. Fun, huh?

Here's another creative solution I came upon for more than 7 blocks, but not enough for a square quilt. First, the original quilt. I named it Spiroglyphics (have NO idea why!) I made this 20+ years ago and I've since given it away. All batiks.

Spiroglyphics Quilt

Then I remade it a few times, and I ran out of fabric. I only had 23 blocks. So, I took some green floral fabric (in the vertical 2 and 4th rows) and made half blocks. It works! 40" x 40" with borders. I think I will quilt this soon! I use it as a sample in my Tight Knit Circles workshop.

Solstice Spiroglyphics quilt. 23 whole blocks, 4 half-blocks

And one more from 2020. I had several of these blocks in a workshop box and decided to retire the workshop. They are 6". Again, notice the strips in the center (orange and blue print) that help stagger the arrangement and give it more interest! This was donated to our local Young Lives charity endeavors.

Spiroglyphics with 23 blocks

So, I hope I've given you some ideas on setting solutions. Don't worry if you run out of fabric. Make some extra blocks and see what you come up with!


  1. Those were my workshop samples, so I added a few more and then put them together for this one last quilt. I really like it in the batiks, too.


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