More Block Setting Solutions

Sometimes you just run short of fabric and you KNOW you have to get a quilt from what you have. Here is one I designed to actually work with 5 blocks.

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Fabrics are from Dwellings Collection by Benartex. The centers of these houses ("casa") are printed panels that resemble improvisational log cabin blocks. I added roof tops (Flying Geese units) and then the green and white fabrics in the center take the place of a single block cut in half.

I did the same thing with some brown log cabins for a companion pattern to go with my friend's Creative Grids ruler (Jean Ann Wright was my senior editor at Quilt Magazine).

Warm Welcome Home

I took the same approach with the next quilt. Again, some log cabin blocks looking for a home. Orphans given to me. Quilted by a friend and donated to a local charity.

Log Cabin Stars

Here's one using some English Paper Piecing blocks. Yes, there are 6 blocks but I set them with the extra rectangles so they are staggered in their placement. Donated to a local charity

Spellbound fabrics with pentagon wreath blocks

So, don't panic when you run out of fabric to make a "normal" quilt. Get creative and enjoy the process!


  1. My favorite is the "Log Cabin Stars." I like the secondary pattern created where the star points match. I am also fond of "Warm Welcome Home."



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