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I found a bag of leftover fabrics from a collection I ABSOLUTELY love. They are the Regency Dandy fabrics from Windham - 2007! I made this awesome Princess Feather quilt not once, but twice. Windham owns the first one and it hangs proudly in their New Jersey office.

Princess Feather: 56" x 56"

 I made a Palm quilt, too. This was given to a neighbor after some surgery.

Regency Dandy Palm quilt

One more before I ask you to CAST YOUR VOTE:

Zig Zag Pyramids

Now for my dilemma:

I cut some diamonds from the remaining fabrics. They sat for a few years.

4-1/2" diamonds (60 degree)

I became enamored with jewels (what woman isn't?) and had another plan. I cut little triangles off the tips (there IS a formula).
Diamonds to jewels

Then I made this sweet quilt and added a border from another Windham collection (Raj). I bound it last week and it's being donated to a local charity. This is QUILT #1. It uses 54 jewels.

Diamonds to Jewels: 43" x 44"

QUILT #2 takes the same jewels and puts them together like this. I call it Scrappy Jewels (made with some Kaffe Fassett prints). This uses 60 jewels.

Scrappy Diamonds to Jewels: 48" x 52"

Here is a single block (a workshop sample):

Diamonds to Jewels block: 12" x 13.5"

Is it Quilt #1 or Quilt #2 that I should make again? I have the Regency Dandy jewels. And the Kona Cotton (Snow) for the background. Borders? I'll look into that when the center is done.

If Google won't let you comment, then just cast your vote via email:
Thanks! May the best assembly win.


  1. My vote goes to Princess Feathers. I the swirl design and the quilting.

    1. Thank you, Sally. That wasn't in the vote, but I certainly can understand! It's one of my absolute favorite quilts, too.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks for that vote. I think that's where the jewels will end up!

  3. I vote for Quilt 2! Such lovely flowers!

  4. It's hard to choose as there are elements of both that I really like. I like the brighter colors and the more generous white spacing in #2. But I also like the design of #1, the individual diamonds show up better, but it seems crowded. Since when I look at them both at the same time my eye seems to go to #2, that's what I will vote for.


    1. You and everyone else! I've already started cutting the Kona Snow setting triangles. Of course, I have to improvise with some other fabrics to get my # up to 60 jewels!

  5. Quilt #2 is my favorite but they are both beautiful!


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