Happy New Year!

I taught a postcard workshop in 2005 and I used some "bling" to spice up my creations. Here are two that I made for New Year. I think I got the idea from an Asian inspired book that used a hexagon as a motif. I created the fabric part (including the sewing machine words) before I stitched it onto the card stock back.

Notice how I machine stitched the fabric to the card stock. Then, I used a rotary cutter with a pinked blade to trim the edges. I think I glued that tassel on last.

Here's another one with a different print.

Yes, you can send these through the USPS, but they have to be hand stamped at the post office. And they use first class stamps (and not postcard stamps). But, think of all the people who will see these and they bring a smile to their faces! I may have to do it again.

I also designed a quilt using a block I named "Happy New Year." It appeared in my 2008 Quilter's Block a Day calendar (by Martingale).

Happy New Year Block

All this to say: Happy New Year to you and may you have many wonderful hours sewing and quilting!


  1. I like the idea of the quilted postcards, but anything loose or bulky like the tassels on those above, my post office refuses, even with hand stamping as the way gets handled they cannot guarantee what condition they will be when delivered.


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