Pyramids and Jewels 2 for 1 Workshop

Pyramids and Jewels - Two quilts for the price of one. We make Thousand Pyramids in the morning session using a Charm Pack (5" squares) and a background fabric. This quilt was published in Modern Patchwork Magazine, 2014. (This is an all day class or can be split into 2 days with 3 hours each).

Thousand Pyramids Quilt

Here is one of my class samples, again made with 5" squares. This is a recent Benartex fabric collection. This time I added an outer border. 

I started with a stack of 5" charms:
Charming printed fabric squares

And another Thousand Pyramids quilt:

Thousand Pyramids using prints

Pick up all the scraps from making the first quilt and you get the Fractured Jewels quilt for the afternoon class. Add a little more fabric to expand your scraps and - voilà - we have another small quilt.

Fractured Jewels, also published in Modern Patchwork Magazine

Quick cutting and piecing techniques are taught using a 60 degree ruler. Innovative designing and the bonus of learning what else your 60 degree ruler can do is also taught. 

Here's my latest Fractured Jewels quilt. I used fat quarters so I had to get creative with my side setting triangles! Blocks are 12" (high) x 14" (wide).

Fractured Jewels 2021

The techniques learned in this power-packed class can be used with other sizes of squares and strips. Let me show you a traditional Thousand Pyramids quilt, with bigger units, so you get the picture!

I have a LOT of class samples to inspire you and your guild members. Questions? Send me an email ( for the Supply List, too.