July Calendar Quilt Blocks

My Block a Day Calendar from 2007 (retired in 2017) has some fun quilt blocks. And, the same days align with 2024. Let me share some:

Old Glory Star is a 12" block. I added 3" Yellow Ribbon blocks for an 18" x 18" wall quilt. This block is for today, Monday July 1.

Old Glory Star

And Chain of Squares (July 9) is a 12" block. I made a 65" x 77" quilt about 20 years ago and it was published in Quilt Magazine.

Chain of Squares: 65" x 77"

Here is the block that Patricia Bryant made several years ago:

Chain of Squares block

Here is the pic as it appeared in Quilt Magazine:

Chain of Squares quilt published in Quilt Magazine

Now let's see some of the other blocks that appeared in the calendar for the month of July. Remember that Patricia Bryant made all 31 of them in 2017 and they were featured here. And you can see all of them on a Pinterest Board - yes, all 366 of them. Get a cup of coffee and sit awhile!

Illinois Rose


Heart Flower

Patricia did such a lovely job in the stitching and in the staging for photography!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely July!


  1. I was always amazed at Patricia's blocks and the staging she did. She was very creative with that.


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