Chain of Squares

Today is July 9 and in my Quilter's Block a Day calendar from 2007, the Chain of Squares, is our feature today. A full sized quilt appeared in Quilt Magazine #73 (2007). I had three quilts in that issue and here is one of them, Chain of Squares.

Page 82: Chain of Squares is based on a vintage block called Asian Mosaic.

Chain of Squares: 64" x 64"

The quilt as shown was made for a fabric company (Spring Fabrics) in 2006. Here is the digital rendition:

Here is the single block as shown in my calendar (and as stitched by Patricia Bryant of Australia):

Chain of Squares block: 12"

Such a simple block. It's always fun to sew with a pre-selected fabric collection. I don't do any thinking - the fabrics tell me what they want and I try to comply.


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