Another 7 Sisters Variation Quilt (or two)

 I finally put those four blocks together without y-seams, though it was tempting to arrange them like this:

Four 7 Sisters Variation Blocks auditioning with y-seam!

But, I came to my senses and put them in a 2 by 2 arrangement using still ANOTHER collection.

Four Sisters Variation: 44" x 49"

This yellow and blue version is another quilt headed to the cancer unit of a local hospital to keep someone warm while they get their infusion treatment. It certainly will cheer them up, right?

Here is what they look like in that red and green set above:

7 Sisters Variaion with even larger blocks! - 54" x 60"

I shared some of the steps for this quilt. I easily cut the diamonds using a standard 6" x 12" ruler with those 60 degree diagonal lines. No clumsy template for me. And the bonus here is that two of the 4 sides run along the straight of grain!

Then they are joined by simple 60 degree triangles:

Then those bottom strips are added and then trimmed using the 60 degree ruler - very easy and again, no templates!

You make two block halves and join them to create the whole block. These are larger than the ones in the blue and yellow quilt. They are 20" high!

Seven Sisters Variation block: 20" high

Check out the Etsy listing to see more photos. This is a fun quilt and doesn't use any y-seams!


  1. I like these. I haven't played with diamonds, but this makes me want to try.


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