More Joys of Hex

Hexagon Bullseye Quilt
Yes, those are 3 different sizes of hexagons using a raw edge applique technique. This quilt is OLD and has since gone to live in someone else's home. Remember when raw edge applique was so IN? This was simple to make: Stack 3 different sizes of hexagons, one at a time, stitching them onto a large background square. Make several. Cut into fourths and then swap the units:

Now for some 60 degree triangles. This is another OLD quilt that has gone on to stay with some young child. I have made this pattern many times using a 60 degree triangle template.

Simple rows of 60 degree triangles with a dragonfly novelty print border
Now back to those hexagons (which, btw, are made of 6 equal sized triangles, if you want to know):

OK. Stop looking at the cute bunny! Can you see all those hexagons?
I was given some leftover Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks and I made a few placemats with them. Just appliqued them to a background and added some simple squares and pieced strips to make them into rectangles. I have a green one and a burgundy one. Wonder where they are?

One last quilt using my stacking squares. This is sort of like Bethany Reynolds' Stack 'n Whack, but much easier. I featured this on my Halloween Quilt back in October. This purple quilt was my first attempt and I still own it.
8 squares using the same motif centered; cut into 6 equal parts
OK. Hope you had enough hex for one day. I'll feature a few more quilts as a buildup for the Hexie Queen Blog Hop which will begin on August 20th (we've added an extra day). We have over 75 bloggers who are so excited to share their hexie projects. You must come back and see us for that!


  1. I can never get enough looking at hexagon quilts. Wish I had gotten in on the blog hop, too.

  2. I haven't even started mine so I'm loving all the ideas. So....raw edge quilting isn't "in" anymore? That's too bad because your raw edge hexie is beautiful!

  3. beautiful hexies -- esp the slice and dice one.

  4. Beautiful hexies!!Great ideas

  5. great ideas, Debby! A lot of inspiration for all the hexy blog hop participants!

  6. I bought Bethany Reynolds Stack N Wack ruler and patterns a few years back, when it was popular. Never did get to use them. I like your Purple stack n wack. would love to know your technique on this one
    Joan in GA

  7. Totally unrelated....I love your new profile picture!!

  8. as always, all your quilt projects are beautiful. love the purple quilt. and the triangles. you make all th

  9. as always, all your quilt projects are beautiful. love the purple and and the triangles. you mae all your projects look so easy!


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