This is What Friends Are For

Joan G from Georgia with my Welcome Home quilt pattern
I lived in Atlanta for 8 years and had many wonderful quilting friends. Joan was a member of my quilt guild and she even took a paper piecing class from me that I gave in my home. She swears that I gave her the tools to fall in love with that technique. I say she just needed a little nudge! See that quilt up there? Joan took my 2012 Block of the Month patterns for the Welcome Home quilt and made it up just in time for a family reunion a few weeks ago up in New York. She hung it on the front porch so every single friend and family member would see it as they drove up the driveway. It is SO BEAUTIFUL, don't you think?

This BOM was available for 12 months, but is no longer available here. Sorry!

Back to that paper piecing. When I had 30 quilts stolen in January 2005, one of those quilts was my Carpenter's Wheel. It was paper pieced and Joan offered to remake it for me. Now, that's a TRUE and LOYAL friend, don't you think?

Here is the original (now hanging on the giant quilt rack in the sky):

My original Carpenter's Wheel. Are those Fossil Ferns? I think they are!
 The remake of the Carpenter's Wheel done by Joan
Carpenter's Wheel with added borders
I still take this quilt with me when I give my trunk show "Shortcuts From a Short Woman." These two quilts were paper pieced. No set in seams. And the miters used my Magical Mitering technique.

Thank you again, Joan, for helping me get this quilt back. New colors but just as dynamic, or even better,  don't you think?

You can get all of the block patterns for the Welcome Home quilt by clicking on this link:
Welcome Home Quilt


  1. What say you...30 quilts stolen? How?
    I cannot even imagine such a loss....both of your quilts are lovely.

  2. Friends are such a gift! Blessings, Marlene

  3. How nice of you to post me and your Welcome Quilt. This was my cousins new retirement home so none of us had ever been there. The quilt hanging on the porch told them they were at the right house and all were welcome. Everyone loved it.
    And yes, if not for you I never would have learned to paper piece.
    Joan in GA

  4. wow! what beautiful quilts. do you offer this as a pre cut kit? if not, you should. it is so beautiful

  5. So sorry you lost our quilts but it so wonderful to have such good friends! Now, I think I will click on over to the welcome home quilt.

  6. Lovely versions of your quilts.

  7. I can't imagine the pain of loosing 30 quilts. We put so much of ourselves in our creations. I just wanted you to know that the fabric and coffee filter arrived safely. We moved into our new home 4 weeks ago. I don't have a sewing room yet, but the new hardwood flooring will be done Monday. Then I can move the furniture, stash, and supplies in and start sewing again. Am really looking forward to that! Anyway, thanks for the fabric and filter. Nancy:


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