Sometimes I Sew Things That Are Not Quilts

It's true. I didn't say it was easy, but when your oldest favorite daughter falls in love with a new fabric collection you have, insists that you buy another 3 yards and then buys a $17 dress pattern, you're in!

Audrey with dress she and I sewed with the Timber and Leaf Collection
Timber and Leaf Fabrics
 The gift bag I made Audrey for Christmas - from Stitch Magazine
Market bag with my own curved border and added binding on edges
 Pillow with flange and bow - my own go-to pattern
She was apoplectic about this fox face fabric. So began her quest for a dress pattern
 Yes, hexagons. Who can resist?
Quick hexagon spiderweb placemats
 You can have this apron pattern - see right side bar (blue ensemble)
My own apron pattern with that curved borer and another fox fabric
I hadn't made a dress in probably 20 years. We even put in a 20" zipper and faced the neckline. I still can't get over that $17 pattern price. When I began sewing, patterns were still under one dollar (I never claimed to be a spring chicken).

And Audrey's take on the whole day's experience? She loves her mother and she loves her new dress. Life is good. Oh, and the icing on the cake? She's going to give me my 3rd grandchild in 6 months, hence, we kept the darts out of the dress and bumped it up a few sizes.


  1. very nice Debbie...did you get my comment on the hexies? It makes no difference either way as far as the decision....

  2. Tell her Joanns runs the patterns on sale and so does hancock to sign up for their emails. She will know when they are on sale and she can get those $17.00 patterns for a buck ninety seven.. They usually put them on sale about 2 days out of each month or everyother month

  3. what a cute top -- i wish i knew how ot make clothes

  4. How cool is that, a grandchild! Great job on the dress. It is amazing how much those pattern cost now. What fun.

  5. welllll congrats on alllll fronts. lol. and Audrey's dress is pretty cool...I soooo miss sewing clothes...It has been awhile...something else keeps taking up my time for some strange reason...

    Ohhhh and thank you so much...Yes its here wink.x

  6. cute dress great fabric and Congrats on another soon to be Grandchild

  7. Congratulations to both of you on the baby news, and on the dress completion. It's great when a fabric line comes along that one loves enough to use it in everything!

  8. your daughter has great taste! hmm wonder if that is heriditary? if so we know where she got it from. congrats on another grand baby to spoil!!

  9. I am of your vintage, most likely older. I remember patterns costing 50 cents(55. Scents in Canada). Just think. There isn't even a cents symbol on my iPad!

  10. What a treasure trove of memories this day was for you both! blessings, marlene

  11. Love the dress! I used to sew my clothes all the time when I was your daughters age. Now too many rolls make it hard for patterns to fit--even when they cost $17. All your projects are gorgeous. It is a very vesatile fabric line.

  12. I love that dress! What is the pattern? I am dying to sew myself a dress. :)


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