We Celebrate for Freedom

Patriot's Day Quilt - 2014 Wall Calendar, July quilt
Today in the USA is the 4th of July. We call it Independence Day. Many people have the day off from work, we eat barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers, celebrate by watching parades and then at night, watching fireworks. It's a happy day when any people can throw off their oppressors. Of course, now we are quite friendly with the British who used to be our rulers. But we Americans got a taste of ruling ourselves and we never quite got over it!

The quilt above was made for Windham Fabrics almost 4 years ago using their first reproduction collection of coverlets. A quilt magazine picked it up for publication, then promptly went bankrupt and offered me 40 cents on the dollar. I said, "No thanks!" Then when I showed it to my wall calendar publisher, he was awe struck and insisted we add it to the 2014 lineup and so it is. The calendar is coming out any day now. I wanted to feature it today because those who fought for our freedom - then and now - are true Patriots and this is dedicated to them.

One more quilt:
Grateful Hearts Quilt
I gave this to the family of a young soldier who died in Iraq several years ago
 Grateful Hearts FREE pattern
This pattern appeared in my 2010 block a day calendar
Grateful Hearts Quilt: Click here to download the 7 page pdf of this quilt.


  1. Another great pattern.Thanks!

  2. These are great quilts Debby. I have been wanting to do a quilt for the Quilts of Valor program. The hearts are great! Thanks for the free pattern

  3. Thanks so much for this pattern Debby and for showing your beautiful quilt to be in the calendar - love them both. Happy Independence Day to you! May God give you many moments of joy today. :) blessings, marlene

  4. Thank you what a beautiful patriotic quilt and pattern. Both of the quilts are beautiful.


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