Holy Cow!

Yes, that's the name of my Cow Appreciation Day (with Chick fil-A) quilt. I finished sewing the 16 blocks this weekend. They are 9" x 9" and went together very fast. Added borders and I now have something that makes you want to look away (ha ha). I'm going to wear this as a cape and see if they'll give me a free ice cream cone! Or I'll "chicken" out. Will keep you posted!

Holy Cow! Quilt - 50" x 50"
 The collection is called Green Farms and is by Benartex Fabrics. I used 3/4 yard of each of the two fabrics in the center and 3/4 yard for the border. The inner striped fabric is from a past Benartex collection. This obviously will be a child's quilt. I'll donate it to a local group that will quilt it as a charity quilt for sick or needy kids.

Don't look at this too long! Personally, I think Chick fil-A should buy bolts and bolts of these cow prints and use them as starter kits for next year's contest.


  1. Glad you got it done in time. Make sure you tell them you made the quilt too. Maybe you'll score more points and the free meal. Good luck.

    It looks good

  2. Ha! We went dressed up for lunch and all got free sandwiches. I'm sure you will be treated "moo-ing-ly".

  3. Now I wait with baited breath dreaming of you as a caped cow crusader. Tell us, did you get a meal or not? And were there a lot of cow folks around. (snigger, tee hee, lol!)

  4. Maybe you should attach Laughing Cow cheese to the cape when you wear it. :-)

  5. Your post made me laugh. You are right, I can't look at that center very long! What fun, though! My friend always takes her children to the appreciation day in some kind of costume. We all love that chicken! And I love the cow ads - so creative. Thanks for sharing this quilt.


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