Long May She Wave and Free Pattern

I made a quilt many years ago for Windham Fabrics and used one of their American Coverlets collections. Here it is:

American Beauty quilt
This was designed by Leslie Sonkin and then sent to me to pattern and sew. All I need is a sketch and I can pattern just about anything (Windham loves me for that). Isn't this a beauty?

Windham decided to reissue the pattern and I created a digital quilt using the same pattern. Would you like to see that? This uses their new Stars and Stripes Collection.

Stars and Stripes Quilt
The pattern is free. The piecing is not hard. Those wavy stripes are NOT pieced, but raw edge appliqued to the red background fabric.

Hope your weekend is filled with enjoyable things, including quilting!


  1. This is really a great pattern!

  2. Thanks for the link, Debby! I love the pattern.

  3. Delightful redo! They are both fabulous!

  4. Delightful redo! They are both fabulous!

  5. Thanks, Debby! I wanted to make something fresh and meaningful for our front door for 9/11 - and you have provided just the thing! (...and thank you, Windham!)

  6. Love the redo, Debby. My stash is offering several options for this project. Fabric + sewing machine + AC = a great way to deal with mid-day heat and humidity. Thanks for the pattern and thanks as always for continued inspirations.

  7. Fantastic patttern.Well done!!


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