Setting My Spinning Pinwheels on Point

Do you remember those Kaffe Fassett blocks I showed you a few weeks ago? I cut 8 identical squares from the Lotus Leaf fabric and then cut them into triangles. Each stack of 8 triangles worked their magic and became such unique blocks. A real WOW technique that I've been using for about 15 years.

Let's recap some of the blocks and then I'm going to show you how to set them on point. And let you see how I cut the "wrong" fabric and had to start all over.

One block of 8
 And yes, this was cut from the SAME fabric:

Second block of 8
 And one more. You can see the entire tutorial here: Spinning Pinwheels.

3rd block of 8
I want to set these blocks on point. That means I need TWO different sizes of triangles. One size for the four corners and one size for the sides. I will share my CHART for cutting these for ANY SIZE block later. For now, I began with more of that Lotus Leaf fabric.

My blocks are 11-1/2" unfinished. That means they will finish to 11". For that size block, I need to cut TWO squares 8-3/4" and then cut each into two triangles (for a total of 4 corner triangles).

Cut two 8-3/4" squares in half for a total of 4 triangles
 Why? Because as you can see above, the bias is on the inside which will be stitched to the block. The outside edges are on the straight of grain and there will be NO BIAS on the outside. The formula is (and don't roll your eyes): Finished block size DIVIDED by 1.414 PLUS .875" (for corner triangles).

Chart link is below - don't panic!

For setting an 11" finished block on point, I need 17" squares, which will be cut into four equal sized triangles. I need 6, so I cut two 17" squares. This way the LONG outside edge will run along the outside of the quilt and again, no bias. The formula is: Finished block size MULTIPLIED by 1.414 PLUS 1.25" (for side triangles).

17" square cut into four equal sized side setting triangles
 Now for my "mistake." Nothing to do with the size. It all has to do with TOO MUCH GREEN! I didn't like it. I sewed a corner triangle and two side setting triangles to the top left block. The other setting triangles are just hanging out. I didn't like it!

I'll let you in on a little secret: if you don't like the way one block looks, what makes you think you'll like 8 of them? I took the triangles off and put away all that fabric. Yes, I did! It's only fabric!

The "Too Much Green" quilt
Then, what did I do? I rummaged around in my KF stash and found another lush print and cut that up.
What do you think?
Better contrast (I think)
Better contrast. It's my quilt and I have to make myself happy, right?

And what does the finished quilt center look like? Allow me!
Magic Spinning Pinwheels quilt center: 31" x 47"
Now for my amazing, magic chart: Setting Blocks on the Diagonal.

 You are free to share this but PLEASE leave my name on it.


  1. Vibrant...and exquisite. You have an amazing talent!

  2. how amazing these look and thanks for the magic chart it will be a great help for setting on point, downloaded and saved

  3. GREAT chart - THANK YOU! Love the spinning blocks, too. I hope you put a square of the original fabric on the back of the quilt. It's always so amazing to see how they started compared to how they turned out>

  4. I'm not a great fan of Kaffe's fabric but this may change my mind!

  5. My eyes are spinning! I love it and it is all about contrast.....

  6. My eyes are spinning! I love it and it is all about contrast.....

  7. I love it with the new setting triangles! What a treasure - and well worth getting it just the way you wanted! I have pinned your tutorial, with your name and I am looking forward to trying it soon. Thank you!

  8. That looks much better, unless someone likes blendy. That someone would not be me, but there are some! I like contrast so I can see the parts. Those big triangles will come in handy for something else. Thanks for the chart. I used to have one and lost it. It also comes in handy when I want to cut triangles for other things, and I don't like the bias on the outside edge, either.

  9. All I can say is ..Thank you Debby for doing the math.....Wow what a quilt and I am thinking I have some cool fabric like yours?


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