Another Set of Hexie Blocks from The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

This is my process for making the January 26 block from Katja Marek's Hexagon calendar.

18 diamonds cut for my six Baby Blocks
This block is what I would call a traditional Baby Blocks. I begin with a lot of diamonds. Each block uses 3 diamonds and I will be making 6 blocks. Put on your math hat: what is 3 x 6? 18 diamonds! I am using all Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the diamonds.

Then what's next? I cut 120 degree triangles from my background fabric:
Oversized 120 degree triangles
Instead of English Paper Piecing (EPP) these, I have cut out patches VERY close to the size used in the calendar. This will have the SAME result, just slightly larger (ie, about 1/4").

I join two of these odd sized triangles to each of my diamonds. Hey! What's that little dot at the top of that diamond? That's how I will know where to stop stitching when I put all three of these sections together. You'll see.
Two triangles joined to a single diamond
Here are the 3 diamonds I selected for one block. Yes, I know. There's a y-seam about to happen. There actually is no other way to stitch this one. But we're going to get back to that little black dot.

Three sections to my Baby Blocks
The marked dot tells me where to stop stitching:
Stitch from the raw outside edge to the dot
Now what?
Sewing the 3 diamonds just UP TO the marked 1/4" dot. Then you can "spin" the center join
And from the front?
Trim, leaving 1/4" seam
Let's see another:
This is the Baby Blocks upside down
I made a total of 6 Baby Blocks. Then, I added a triangle to 3 of the 6 sides. I used one blue fabric for 3 of the blocks and a second blue print for the other three.

Adding triangles
And, how does it all look? Here is my wreath of Baby Blocks.
My wreath of Baby Blocks!
My plan for this one is to turn it into an awesome table topper. I love looking at all these delightful, colorful Kaffe Fassett prints, don't you?


  1. You do such a great job of interpreting the designs and making them your own. Nicely done.

  2. Hi, Debby! Although I'm usually not a fan of multiple bold fabric prints used together your choice of background makes this one work for me, especially, admittedly, the one just above your name. I could see myself trying this one with some of my bolder stash fabrics. Y-seams aren't scary, they just take time and thought. Thanks as always for inspiration and the occasional push outside my ever-expanding comfort zone. Hope to see you at Cleveland Expo this year. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. That looks great, Debby. You have a very creative mind! I really like the way you can take anything and make it simpler to piece. =) Thanks for explaining this one.


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