Quilter's Block a Day Calendar, Week 4

Yes, there are more. I hope you are enjoying seeing so many blocks. I spent the better part of a year creating this calendar with the companion CD. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of my calendar and it still is selling.

Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar
January 22, Road to California

Let me say something about this. I am in California teaching at the Road to California Quilt Show RIGHT NOW! How did I know to put this block in the week when Road2CA always happens? I didn't even know about the show when I designed this calendar. I think it's one of those serendipitous things, don't you?

January 22, Road to California: 8"
 January 23, Sawtooth Squares (what's with that LARGE ant?!!)
January 23, Sawtooth Squares: 8"
 January 24, Snake Trail. I don't like snakes. Good thing that's a plastic one, right?

January 24, Snake Trail: 12"
 January 25, St. Gregory's Cross - wow. Is that really a statue of St. Gregory?

January 25, St. Gregory's Cross: 18"
 January 26, Tea Leaf Variation. Have no idea what "Vegemite" is. Obviously, a product of Kraft Foods. Maybe only available in Australia?
January 26, Tea Leaf Variation: 8"
 January 27, Totem Pole
January 27, Totem Pole: 6"
 January 28, Twinkle Star
January 28, Twinkle Star: 12"

This is the end of Week 4 in the calendar. And we still have a few days left in January. Such a long month!


  1. have now done 12 blocks from 2016 but have substituted some as some were too hard for me eg applique now planning how to put them together as they are such a variety of sizes brain needs to be really working to work that out! thanks

    1. Maybe I should get the size chart up. Good idea. I'll work on that for next week. Thanks for your idea and for using the calendar

  2. Vegemite is held in very high esteem by Australians! They absolutely love it on toast. It's similar to the UK's Marmite, I personally have never had it, the smell puts me off!! I'm English but I live in Australia and my Aussie friends can't believe I've never given my kids Vegemite! I love this compendium of your blocks :)

    1. Thanks for those details. Each country has their own special things I guess!

  3. Seeing all these blocks has been great. I just got back from Road to California. Great show. I wasn't able to take any classes this time unfortunately.

  4. hi debby....as a christmas gift my sons gave me your calendar i love love love it...i am up to date with day 22 of january...it is going to be very scrappy after 365 days...HOWEVER...here is my concern...how will all of these go together...i would love to see how you have put these together in the past is the ANYWHERE i can go to see how you have done that seeing that the blocks are not of the same size....i am also considering trying a quilt as you go method as trying to manage a quilt of the size of 365 blocks seem very daunting at this point.....PLEASE any help you could provide would be appreciated ... i am DETERMINED to complete the year. i love your blocks. thanks janet jecagain@gmail.com

  5. What beautiful blocks and terrific settings. That ant is funny! I understand people either like Vegemite or they don't. From the way it's been described, I probably wouldn't, but it IS an Aussie product, so I'm not likely to find out for sure. =)

  6. Great blocks. I try to sew some of the blocks from one of your earlier calendar. Thanks for great inspiration.


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