Week Two of the Calendar Blocks by Patricia B of Australia

Week Two from my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar as sewn by Patricia B of Australia:

Double Arrow
January 8: Double Arrow, 12"
 Duck and Ducklings
January 9: Duck and Ducklings, 10"
 Five Spot
January 10: Five Spot, 18"
 Four Crowns
January 11: Four Crowns, 12"
 Game Cocks
January 12: Gamecocks, 15"
 Greek Cross
January 13: Greek Cross, 9"
 Hayes Corner
January 14: Hayes Corner, 12"


  1. some great blocks, when I turned my calender over this morning I though yes I msut have a go at jan 8th

  2. Beautiful. I have an old calendar and said I would do this one day. One day....

  3. What are your plans for your blocks? One a day would certainly make more than one quilt. Just curious.

  4. I really like what she did with the center of that first one.

  5. Four Crowns is my favorite only because of the soft elegant fabric she chose. Here in Southern Oregon we are having some very unusual weather this month. One moment it will be raining and then you look outside five minutes later and it is snowing. This lovely fabric just makes me dream about spring.


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