More of Those Hexagon Blocks from Katja's Calendar

Do you have yours yet?
Yes, I'm back with some more blocks from Katja's calendar. I absolutely love working with hexagons and all things based on the 60 degree angle. This next block combines two units I have used for over 20 years in various projects. My Seven Sisters quilts (pattern on Craftsy; click the link) use one of those:

My Seven Sisters quilt
Can you see the units? I think it's easier when you see one of the stars. First, the parts:

Diamonds and triangles
For a lovely star:
Seven of these make up the Seven Sisters quilt
Now let's see the January 17 block from Katja's calendar done in Kaffe Fasset fabrics:

Three of those diamond/two triangle units
I started out with a different fabric for those 3 half-hexagons and I really didn't like it:

It's always good to audition your fabrics before you sew all the seams!
And I made another one using that beautiful Sgrafito Collection by Benartex:

January 17 block in the Sgrafito Collection
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  1. your work is just so inticing..... jthank you so much for sharing

  2. Thank you for showing us different options. The right fabric makes a big difference to how a block or quilt is perceived.

  3. I am so afraid to work with Hexies again, but oh, how this one in the Sgrafito collection catches my eye.

  4. I like all three of those blocks, each one has different appeal.

  5. Good Evening Debby! Each one of these examples are truly beautiful! I am especially drawn to the last one which from my computers screen is depicting 3 varieties of greys. It really rather startles me because bright spring colors are usually what I choose. I still have not had the opportunity to make any. Several unexpected personal mishaps (like the fridge stopped working for one). So hopefully during this week! Have a spectacular week and thank you so much for sharing these fabulous blocks!


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