Meet the Quilter Who Made 366 Quilt Blocks in 2016

Meet Patricia Bryant—Australian quilter extraordinaire who gave herself a challenge: make every block in my Quilter’s Block-a-Day Calendar. That in itself would be a feat. But Patricia went one step further: she decided to sew a block for 366 days in a row. One block for each day in 2016.

And guess what? SHE DID IT!!! It's a great interview as she tells what motivated her to take on such an impressive challenge.

Patricia Bryant, Australia
I've been sharing about this since January 1 and hope to upload every single one of the amazing blocks Patricia has created. You can read about her story at the Martingale blog: Stitch This! Many of you have asked what she's planning on doing with the blocks. She's not sure, but here are ALL the blocks in one pile!

All 366 blocks from my calendar. Can you believe it?!!

Here is one of Patricia's favorite blocks from April: Eight Hands Around

Go read the whole story. You will find it fascinating, I'm sure!


  1. Both of your links to her story come up as error 403 Forbidden at my end of the planet. Sue :-)

  2. I see that martingale's blog is down. It's the correct link. Sent them a message. Will keep u posted. Sorry!

  3. Debby, I have been enjoying the blocks you have been sharing. It seems the website is working this morning so everyone can enjoy her story. I am amazed at her talent, and would love to see how she finishes off all of those blocks!

  4. So many intriguing things about these blocks. The photography is spectacular. The colors are right on spot. The vignettes are so interesting. Of course the piecing is superb! Absolutely wonderful work. I so enjoy looking over her pictures.


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