A Lovely Gesture from Elizabeth

I received an unexpected "thank you" from Elizabeth D. of Alexandria, Virginia yesterday. I was touched by her message filled with kind words for inspiring her with my quilts here on my blog and through the years on the printed page in quilt magazines. I was inspired by her beautiful, handmade card. Can I show it to you? (Of course, you say!)

Handmade card by Elizabeth D. of Alexandria, VA
I met Elizabeth in person last week when I came to present a trunk show at her guild: Mt. Vernon Quilter's Unlimited. She had taken a class with me a few years ago (the Cookie Cutter Bonanza) and had a question about arranging her blocks. Pictures are always the best way to answer something like that, so I gave her a copy of my CD that had all the Cookie Cutter quilts and assemblies on it.

Here are a few of those quilts. When I taught the workshop (now retired because I've given away all my class samples), I let students select one of 10-12 shapes to work with.

Hearts on Fire:
Hearts on Fire, the first quilt in the series
Dancing Pears (also gifted):
Dancing Pears
And the Autumn Leaves is still my favorite. This quilt was stolen in 2005:

Cookie Cutter Leaves
Back to Elizabeth. It is not often that someone takes the time to hand write a note to someone. And to put those words in such a delightful handmade card. What can I say? Elizabeth, you know who you are and I say a very BIG THANK YOU back at you!

I love her card and am inspired by it. I make my own cards from time to time and using little bits of colorful scraps is so simple, don't you think? Now I'm going to dig around in my cardstock stash and let Elizabeth's card inspire me.


  1. Well done Elizabeth. And Debby thanks for sharing your quilts and Elizabeth's quilts.

  2. Beautiful sweet card!! Awesome quilts!

  3. Those cookie cutter quilts are beautiful.
    That card is sweet too.

  4. Those cookie cutter quilts are beautiful.
    That card is sweet too.

  5. Wonderful quilts. What a delightful thing for her to do. With the internet so quick and easy, it isn't often that personal mail arrives any more.

  6. Hello Debby. It truly is a special gesture and one you deserve! Thank you for sharing it and all of these special quilts!


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