Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 24 and FREE pattern

Here we are again, back with seven more beautiful blocks by Patricia Bryant of Australia. And her staging of the blocks is even more beautiful, don't you think?

June 11: Goose Creek
June 11: Goose Creek, 12"

June 12: Hands All Around
June 12: Hands All Around, 10"
June 13: Honey Bee.

Did you know that our bee population is in distress? There's a reason why we have to save our bees! One word: Food. If they disappear, so does our food supply. Many thanks to all you bee keepers out there and those who are dedicated to saving our bees.
June 13: Honey Bee, 10"
 June 14: Salute

This is Flag Day here in the USA.
June 14: Salute, 8"
How about a free pattern for this block in two sizes? This is from my calendar companion CD and this has both the 8" block and 12" block cutting directions. This is what 4 of the blocks look like together. Pretty awesome, huh? FREE Salute pattern

Four Salute Blocks together
And for my international visitors, put your own colors in. My son in law is from Spain, so those colors are red and yellow. Here's my rendition of Bandera de Espana (certainly not true to the real flag, but I got the colors right, I think):

Bandera de Espana
And the real flag:
Flag of Spain
Which reminds me of the hot pads I made for Daniel a few years ago with the large bull Toro de Osborne:
Toro de Osborne hot pad for son in law
And both of the hot pads:

Dos hot pads!
Now back to the calendar blocks!

June 15: Kite

June 15: Kite, 9"
 June 16: Magic Box
June 16: Magic Box, 16"
 June 17: Idaho Beauty

June 17: Idaho Beauty, 20"
Hope you enjoyed the show. Can you tell me why there's a bunny in that Magic Box picture? Ha ha. I'm sure you can! (Patricia is SO clever, isn't she?)


  1. She does do a wonderful job with the blocks and with her creative displays.

  2. Magic... pulling a rabbit out of a hat...

  3. thank you for the pattern. I am off to make a pillow with it. So, do I need to add seam allowances on the pattern? Did I read that right? Want to make sure.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast.net

  4. Enjoy seeing the blocks each week. Yes rabbit is associated with magic as they pull rabbit out of box or hat.

  5. So creative. Love looking for this each week.

  6. It seems to me that as the year progressed, she became more and more interested in the settings for the blocks. That hands all around made me smile. I just want to know how long she had to wait for that bird to show up. It doesn't look fake, but I suppose it could be. Really lovely blocks in really lovely settings. Thanks, too, for your inspiration on how to use the June 14 block. Your son-in-law's potholders are great!

  7. I agree her staging keeps getting better and better. I love the hands aro und setting with the inflated gloves :-)


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