Workshop with Delmarvelous Guild

What a fun and creative bunch of ladies! Last Thursday (May 25) I had the pleasure to spend the entire day with the Delmarvelous Quilt Guild of Georgetown, Maryland. There were 19 students for my Circles of Geese class. It is based on not one, not two, not three, but FOUR quilts (I just found a fifth one!) I made using my halo of geese.

Let me first show my quilts and then showcase what two of my students did.

This first one is made in four sections and the center circle is fussy cut (a lovely toile), interfaced and then appliqued over the large center hole! Quite easy.

Toile Garden Medallion (in Paper Piecing Perfect Points book, 2013)
 Then I made one with brighter colors:

My Geese Have the Blues
And then one with novelty prints:

Geese Rings using novelty fabrics
 And another one with novelty prints:
Fun kids' prints, since gifted to some little child
And my fifth quilt (which was actually my 2nd quilt using the large center circle). It has since been quilted (can't find the picture) and I'M TELLING YOU THE TRUTH: I set that center circle in with a seam connecting the halo of geese. This is no joke!

Yakkety-Yak Dinosaurs (made in 2009)
I must have enjoyed this technique. I don't often make more than one of any quilt!

Now for two of my students' quilts:

This next one is so fantastic with the new Philip Jacob's (Kaffe Fassett Collective) fabric for the center. I was SO taken with this I must have stopped by her sewing station about 5 times and then asked if I could take a photo. And then I came home and ordered a yard of the same fabric! Isn't this so fabulously beautiful? Thank you, Fran!

Fran's quilt center in process
And then Carol K. of Salisbury, a longtime friend, made this next quilt. Carol was on a mission to finish her center and she just about finished it in class. She went home and put it all together. This is another beautiful quilt, don't you think? She had such a fantastic (and large!) collection of Asian fabrics to choose from

Quilt by Carol K. of Salisbury, MD
I hope you enjoyed the show today. I am retiring this class and may eventually put the pattern up on my Craftsy site. If you own a copy of Paper Piecing Perfect Points, the quilt is in there! If you've made one, please send me a picture.


  1. It looks like a pattern where you can't go wrong in choice of fabrics! I hope you do put it up on Craftsy. I just won a bundle of fabrics which I don't know what to do with, and I think this might be a good option. Be sure to announce it if you do.


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