Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 25 and FREE Pattern

Are you still with me? These blocks seem to get better with each passing week. Thank you, Patricia Bryant, for not only sewing them but beautifully staging them with such creative props. (Bunnies, ants, beaches, you name it!)

June 18: Lover's Knot

June 18: Lover's Knot, 9"
 June 19: Santa Fe Trail

June 19: Santa Fe Trail, 9"
 June 20: Pansy Block
June 20: Pansy Block, 6"

June 21: Picket Fence
June 21: Picket Fence, 8"
I think the Picket Fence block can have so many possibilities in a wide variety of quilts. So, this is my FREE PATTERN this week for both the 8" and the 12" blocks. Here are 4 blocks together:

Picket Fence (4 blocks)
June 22: Reflections of Love

June 22: Reflections of Love, 12"

June 23: Ruins of Jericho
June 23: Ruins of Jericho. 12"

June 24: Star Flower
June 24: Star Flower, 8"


  1. Yes, her settings are amazing. I love the reflections in the mirror on one and the ruins for Jericho. Great blocks, great photos.

  2. Beautiful and amazing blocks and settings. I agree that they seem to get more beautiful every week.


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