FREE Pattern Friday with P & B

One of my four patterns designed for P & B (and Red Rooster) is up at their site. My Floating Circles quilt designed using the Printemps Collection works well with just about anything in your stash.

Floating Circles Quilt: 52" x 52"
These are 12" blocks with raw edge applique circles (templates included in the pattern). Let me show you how easy it is to create these blocks with one page from the pattern.

You can also see three other quilts that will be available later in the summer and fall:

Pecking Order made with the Bird Watchers Collection (coming in August). I absolutely love this quilt and made a similar version using a Windham Fabrics Collection. P & B didn't want the letters, so I added flowers.

Pecking Order, coming in August
Here is my first quilt, made several years ago using the Collage Collection for Windham. It was NEVER published. I had hoped that Modern Patchwork or McCall's Quilting would pick it up. Sigh. They sure missed out. P & B jumped on this and their Bird Watcher's Collection is perfect for this!

Pecking Order: 34" x 38"
This is one of my very favorite quilts and hangs in my foyer. That bird print at the bottom was perfect for use with the bird house and my very large "bossy" bird at the top. Hence, the title of my quilt!

I let the fabrics tell me what they wanted to be. That's how I design. The center bird house is all rotary cut and stitched. I only had enough fabric for the side borders. And if I had added a top border, it wouldn't have that "organic" feel, now would it?

Where the Wild Things Are made with the Wild Things Collection (coming in September). Yes, this is a REAL quilt which P & B asked me to make for Spring Quilt Market. Aren't those animal motifs awesome?!!

Where the Wild Things Are (pattern coming in September)
And my Game Board quilt made using the Sweet Land of Liberty Collection (coming in October):

Sweet Land of Liberty Game Board Quilt
I will alert you to when these FREE patterns are available online. But, for now, go check out the Floating Circles quilt.


  1. I like this! So inventive. Unusual.

  2. Floating circles is so cute. I have a collection of kid friendly prints that would look great like this. Thanks!

  3. So many fabulous patterns! Love the fabrics in Where the Wild Things Are....

  4. Love the quilts and the Wild Things one...such beautiful colors....

  5. Thanks, Debby! All great ones I'll be waiting to download but, for now, I'm happy with the floating circles. I'm SO glad P & B picked up on that bird pattern. That is great, in either version. I wish Windham had published the first one, as I do like it with the letters. I can make my own, though. I think it would be cute with one in the middle with letters and then others around that without. We'll see. =)


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